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Promoting the foundational truth that every person is a unique individual united by our shared humanity.

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Why the prohuman foundation

America was built on the promise that all of us were created equal.

There are times when we have fallen short. But together, we have made immense progress. In the seven decades since Brown v. Board of Education ushered in the start of the civil rights movement, our country has become more diverse and, in many ways, more accepting.

And yet, in this age of unprecedented advancement, it can feel like we are heading in the wrong direction. Dehumanization of those in “the other tribe” has become normalized. On social media, the marketplace of ideas has been replaced by the echo chamber of ideology. Small differences are amplified. Racist and reductionist ideas proliferate.

The defining question of our time is: How do we break through the demonization and division, and find the courage to move forward together?

We believe that embracing the foundational truth, that every person is a unique individual united by our shared humanity, is what will allow us to continue to advance.

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Meet our co-founder

Daryl Davis
Co-Founder and Global Ambassador
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While many programs and platforms have been created reactively to address discrimination and racial, religious, gender and political polarization, there has been no uniform standard and some have worked better than others. As a result, some well-intentioned efforts have been ineffective or even harmful.

The Prohuman Foundation is not a reactive organization. It is a proactive organization with a long vision on the future. We design curriculum and programs, built around preventive measures to mitigate those issues to which other platforms only react.  

Seventy years ago, at start of the civil rights movement, America prided itself on being a melting pot of cultures during a time when honest diversity barely existed.

Today we have made immense progress, and are truly a melting pot with increasingly global diversity—which some do not embrace, or find difficult to navigate. 

The Prohuman Foundation is needed today as a stable partner, guaranteeing every person is treated as a unique individual, and assured a sense of belonging based on our shared humanity.


Chicago native Daryl Davis graduated from Howard University with a degree in Jazz.  As a pianist, vocalist and guitarist, he has played all over the world with legends like Chuck Barry and Little Richard.

But it's what Daryl does in his free time that sets him apart. To find the answer to his question, "How can you hate me when you don't even know me?" Daryl meets and builds relationships with members of the Ku Klux Klan.

the prohuman approach

our core values

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Positive Connections
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growth mindset

creates strong


“I appreciate many things, and express thankfulness. I return kindness, and reflect on how fortunate I am when something good happens, whether it’s small or big.”


“I am realistic and full of hope about the future, feeling confident that my actions make a difference and believing things will turn out well.”


"I persist toward my goals despite obstacles or disappointments. I don’t give up easily, and am willing to work hard to achieve results."

Positive Connections

create strong


“I seek out situations where I gain new experiences. I have a strong desire to know or learn something, and to acquire knowledge.”


"I act on my convictions. I face and seek to overcome threats, challenges, difficulties, and pains, despite my doubts and fears."


"I am empathic toward the suffering of others, and am motivated to take action to help.”




“I believe in equal opportunity and applying the same rules to everyone. I seek to be impartial in my treatment of others, without favoritism or discrimination.”


“I seek knowledge, and pursue the objective truth through honest inquiry. I am tolerant and consider points of view that are in conflict with my convictions.”


“I recognize that every person has a unique identity, that our shared humanity is precious, and that it is up to all of us to strengthen and sustain the civic culture that unites us.”


What we do

Educator Grants

We recognize the vital role of educators, and plan to support them with grant opportunities released throughout the year.

In conjunction with the Listen First Coalition’s National Week of Conversation, we are offering grants of up to $500 for K-12 educators seeking support for mission-aligned educational initiatives focused on civic and bridge-building activities.

The goals of the Prohuman Educator Grant program are to:

  • Advance the Prohuman Foundation’s Mission and Core Values
  • Help strengthen social cohesion and build a positive vision for the future of our nation’s democracy
  • Support K-12 educators in the United States

The application window is now closed. Check back soon for new grant funding opportunities.

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Resources & Training

We are developing educational resources and curriculum based on our core values to support educators who want to bring the Prohuman approach into their classrooms.

We also offer training programs and workshops, featuring Daryl Davis and facilitators experienced with the Prohuman approach, that strive to empower individuals and unify communities everywhere.

Our educational resources and training programs are:

  • Driven by research
  • Focused on developing character strengths and reinforcing the common elements that unite all of us
  • Designed to build positive connections and foster healthy relationships

Prohuman training programs are available now.

Planned release date for Prohuman K-12 curriculum is Fall 2024

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Prohuman Ambassador Program

We are offering a limited number of individuals the opportunity to join our Ambassador network, and learn about the Prohuman approach with our co-founder and Global Ambassador Daryl Davis and other members of our team.

Candidates for the Ambassador program will become part of a global network, and are invited to engage with Daryl and other mission-aligned individuals and advisors. They will be given the tools and support required to bring the Prohuman approach into their own workplaces, institutions, and communities.

Prohuman Ambassadors will:

  • Develop knowledge and skills, and have the opportunity to be certified in the Prohuman approach
  • Become part of a network of ambassadors led by our co-founder and Global Ambassador Daryl Davis
  • Participate in exclusive events and training opportunities

Applications will open Summer 2024

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Who we are

Board of directors

Daryl Davis

Co-Founder and
Global Ambassador


Bion Bartning

Co-Founder and
Board President


Letitia Kim

Board Treasurer



Stephanie Cooper



Lory Warren



Adam Thompson


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The Prohuman Foundation exists to promote the foundational truth that every person is a unique individual united by our shared humanity.

We do this through educational resources and programs based on the Prohuman approach, that empower people to engage across our differences and move forward, together. 

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